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SCORM Editor and Compressor FAQ 2022

by Nigam


How much compression we can expect of our SCORM Zip File

Typically a SCORM content with higher size has higher data redundancy, hence you would see 2x – 4x compression. Its no surprise that a 800MB content may easily go below in range of 300MB – 400MB. We also have compression controls, so one could choose low, medium, high compression.

The same file size can be reduced depending on the kind and redundancy of media (what kind of Audio, Video and Images it has), so its possible that say an 800MB content for one zip may go down to 300MB while in another case it becomes 60MB.

What is the change in quality of content after compression - what are the tradeoffs

Generally there is a reverse relationship between multimedia quality and size of the content. However, all the success of MP3 and other lossy technologies have been that even after reduction of size to a certain large limit the end user experience is not effected. So a practical answer and success of our tool is that many a times an 700MB uncompressed content has the same user experience as a compressed 200MB content.

Having said all that, yes the quality goes down with compression – HOWEVER – by controlling the degree of compression one can easily achieve lower size with similar user experience.


Can the compressed SCORM zip output of Doctor Elearning be buggy

No, No and No!
We only compress multimedia files (Audio, Video, Images) and dont touch any code files (text, javascript, html, css, xml, xsd etc), hence logic and flow of SCORM is not effected at all. 

So the logical quality of the input SCORM content remains invariant.
You can sleep at peace, our compressor only compresses media.

Are paid credit used even though I am not satisfied with the quality of compression ?

No, user has full control over expending the credit. 
We charge you only when you are satisfied with the preview and size of compression and then when you press download button, then you are charged.  
In effect its a user friendly system and your credit are only used when you are satisfied and yourself press “download”.

I am satisfied, what should I do next ?

Go ahead and use compression feature of Doctor Elearning and get sleek and slim elearnings. Click here to try the tool