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What is SCORM?

Understand SCORM and seek our help in case of an issue

by Nigam

Lets have a quick answer to what is SCORM

What is SCORM? It stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model and is an international set of technical requirements for eLearning content

SCORM standards ensure Learning Management Systems and eLearning content recognize and interact well with each other.

There are two key aspects

Packaging: A ZIP file that contains all the information your LMS needs to import and launch content, as defined by the SCORM standard.

The package helps the LMS recognize the content and know which content to launch and when.

Run-time communication: After the content is launched, it starts to “communicate” with the LMS. The LMS unfolds the course depending on a learner’s actions.

Why should I use SCORM?

The biggest benefit of SCORM is interoperability. If you create content, your client will need to upload that content into their LMS. If you are an LMS or Learning Platform provider, a client will want to import content from other sources. It takes care of making sure content is compatible with an LMS and that an LMS can import, launch and track content.

Since SCORM courses are compatible with most Learning Management Systems, you can shift from one training platform to another without worrying about losing your courses. SCORM compliance is also a big selling point if you decide to sell your course to a third party.

Another reason to use the SCORM standard is that it allows you to create superior learning experiences: the course has a clear structure and path, learners receive automatic feedback, and learner progress is saved.

It is composed of three sub-specifications. Content packaging specifies how content should be packaged and described. Run-Time specifies how content should be launched, how data communicates with the LMS and includes the spec for the data model of that communication. Lastly, Sequencing specifies how a learner can navigate between parts of a course (SCOs).

We can help with your SCORM worries

We have developed our own LMS with various SCORM features and have a full fledges team that has sorted out issues in various SCORM content issues. We have in past also found fundamental issues in large established LMS engine.

In case you have some problem with SCORM and need our advise / consulting, reach out to us !

Till then happy SCORMING !