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Augmented Reality: Making something greater by adding to it!

by Vasundhara Narang

Augmented Reality is the technology that works to augment sensory based inputs, on real world objects, using camera of your device.

Augmenting sensory inputs, literally means to make sensory inputs greater, by adding to it. AR helps us to inflate, elevate and multiply sensory inputs, by adding extra layers of digital information on real world objects.

The purpose of E learning is to engage it’s learners, for increasing learning effectiveness. This is where AR can transform and elevate the level of engagement and significantly improve the learning effectiveness.

Why do we need augmented reality in e learning content?

Augmented Reality enables us to add additional layers, by simply stapling digital content on already published content. The embedded information can be retrieved by learner on any other smart device, prompting them to engage with your content. AR enables us to elevate the engagement level of our e learning content, helping in sharing of additional information.

How does AR work?
AR technology helps us to add layers of digital information to a single object. The embedded information can be retrieved on any smart device, mobile phones, tablets, desktop, by using the camera, scanning the layered object where information has been embedded. Once User’s device scans this layered object, whatever information embedded in it, is fetched on their device, routing them to view the designated information.

How to leverage AR in E learning?
Let us now look at some possible use cases of Augmented Reality in E learning,

  • Increasing engagement level of Module:

In an already published low engagement e learning module, AR helps us to increase the complexity and engagement of the module, without making heavy changes in the source files, or revamping the entire digitised story of our module. Simply embedding a game in a slide, or addition of a layer of interactive content, is easily doable. Instead of opening up published file, Dr E Learning helps you to add layer of engaging content, on an already published file.

  • Quick quizzing:

Assessment and quizzes are seldom the things learners look forward to. Layering quick knowledge check quizzes in a published module, improves the engagement level of the learner, and helps in increasing learning effectiveness.

  • Feedback flow incorporation:

As creator of content, we realise how important learner feedback is in the world of online learning. With increasing distance between learner and teacher, we try to make sure that feedback does not get lost. Embedding feedback forms through AR and prompting users to scan these embedded feedback forms in their mobile devices, enables them to simultaneously share their feedback while going through learning module.

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Augmented Reality has a huge market in Advertisements. Slipping learning facilitated tools information with relevant learning slides, can open a great window for advertising market in E learning world.

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