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Project Dashboard

by Nigam

What is a project dashboard

Project dashboard allows you to run operations on your zip file, like compressing them into smaller size or editing a certain file in it.

Project Dashboard Card

On left side we see a card for Project Dashboard which has these options

Big buttons

  1. Compress : It you would be taken to the compression view on the same page, which will allow you to compress your file
  2. Edit File : It takes you the screen which allows you to make changes to certain files in the project

Small Buttons

  1. Preview : You can play your SCORM file using this option. Note that this is valid only for SCORM file, unless an explicit launcher is specified
  2. Download : After you have run operations like compression, editing etc to your satisfaction you may want to download the output file. This button allows you to create download job
  3. Delete : Remove the entire project

Distribution of Multimedia Card

This card given you an inside information on how your entire zip file is distributed against various media types like

  1. Text : Textual files, which could be like configuration files or javascript, css files etc. Ideally they are not supposed to be changed, and it has a very high likelihood of making your file non functional.
  2. Image : All the png, jpg, icon etc in your projects
  3. Audio : All mp3, wav etc
  4. Video : All the mp4, mpg etc

How to make use of the distribution ?

Distribution allows you to set expectation on what kind of compression you can expect. Here are some of the take aways

  1. If you have high text %, its kind of a bad news and you may not be able to reduce your file much
  2. If you have high Video %, its a great new as you can use compression in DoctorElearning to reduce it heavily
  3. Audio depending on characteristic can also be highly compressed
  4. Images can also be compressed nicely, if they are unoptimized

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