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Compressing Elearning and $aving Dollars

by Vasundhara Narang

In Mobile Learning world Content Size Does Matter Compressing Elearning is essential

In the current scenario of shift towards mobile learning, the size and weight of E learning modules play great role. There has been a need to share maximum information in minimised size and minimised time frame. Compressing Elearning is now essential.

Compressing Elearning will require lesser consumption of data, hence loading quickly, especially in mobile devices and tablets, also saving a great deal of data transaction cost!

The interesting thought is that compressed file not only facilitates ease of passing information, but also reduces cost!

C for Compression, C for Cost Saving

Assuming I have a very heavy e learning module, say about 100 MB, and if I manage to compress my module, by enough qualitative amount, helping me to save 1 TB of transaction data from all the users that access this module, I end up saving close to USD 800, per month.

And even if I am running this course for 3 months, I end up saving approximately 1 Lakh INR, in a span of 3 months, only.

If we invest time and calculate amount of savings we can make, from compressing such E learning modules, even by 20%, we will be pretty amazed at the number we reach.

Once this thought strucks to a digital content creator and distributor, the need to compress already published data will rise even higher than what it currently is.

But the challenge arises in editing or compressing an already published file.

Compressing Elearning

The point of challenge most of E learning creators or publishers face, is to compress or edit an already published file. It is a greatly time consuming process, and requires deployment of a resource to open up source files, compress required media file, compile everything again, and re publish it.

In the times when this process will need to be iterated on a regular basis, we will require tools to do that quick job for us. Investing time and resources each time I wish to pass an already published module’s compressed version, through mobile phones and tablet, it will cost me an unnecessary amount, opening up a market for tools that master in doing the same job on easy clicks.

Dr Elearning to your rescue !

That is how Dr E Learning can help creators and publishers of E learning modules. It masters in editing, compressing and enhancing our elearning modules, which are already published files, without digging into source files.

So the compression activity that I regularly wish to do, can be done by few clicks to provide me with a healthy and qualitative compressed file, which i can pass through mobile devices, helping in reduction of consumption of data, saving me time and resources, which collectively saves me some great amount of capital!

So in a nutshell, this compression activity, ends up saving my time, resources and capital. And over this triangle, tops the ease with which i can do all of this, using Dr Elearning!

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